Do you want to discover your skills and talents, change your lifestyle, create or grow a business, accomplish a dream, or conquer an issue?

Martin Court works with selected people who are feeling stuck, unsure, or need support to create the life they want. Most clients are based in London and the South East, but he can also work worldwide via phone or Skype.

Your experience of life is created by your thinking, so Martin works on a deeper level to help shift your thinking into constructive patterns that last – permanently.

Through a series of hourly sessions, you'll learn how and why you get the results you've been getting, and how to change that for a more positive future. Between sessions you have constant access to Martin via email.

When your dreams and beliefs are in alignment,
success will come to you, effortlessly.

The issue is never
the issue. We uncover
something deeper every time we talk.

About Martin

Martin originally fell into coaching by accident, because so many people approached him for help and advice. His deep understanding of human nature and how the brain works will help unravel your diverse thoughts, and coax you through conquering one challenge at a time.

More than a coach, Martin is also a teacher. You'll learn how thoughts and paradigms are changeable so you can create the things you desire.

Unlike other coaches, Martin also helps on a practical level, by discreetly connecting you with people and resources that will benefit you, sourced via his exclusive network.

After a career in the business world, Martin has been a professional coach since 2010. He studies his craft continuously, taking inspiration from other world-class coaches.

Martin Court

The breakthrough happens when it happens.
We keep talking until you get where you want to be.


To reach Martin directly or request an appointment:

Free consultation (1 hour)

All applications will be considered but acceptance depends on Martin's availability.

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